Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Seafood Restaurants @ Kota Kinabalu

Salut Seafood Restaurant
During our last trip to Kota Kinabalu, we dined at three different seafood restaurants which served live seafood (anyway, all seafood restaurants in KK served live seafood!). On the second night (2 January 2010) of our KK trip, we dined at Salut Seafood Restaurant which is located way out of town and if you do not have a local guide, don't attempt to find this place as it is about 30 minutes by car from the city centre or you might get lost. The appearance and decor of this restaurant is not very appealing (open air concept with no air-conditioning) and there was even a foul smell coming from the direction of the man-made lake! Having said that, the prices were reasonable and there was a good crowd of mainly locals and some tourists but the food and the service were not up to expectations!

Portview Seafood Village
On the first night (1 January 2010), we picked Portview Seafood Village @ the Waterfront for dinner. The prices were on the high side but the food was good. If you did not booked in advance, you probably would not get a table as business was very good as it caters mainly to tourists (which explains the high price). This restaurant is presentable and clean with an air-conditioned section and a smoking section. There is even a stage for cultural performances also for the benefit of tourists!

Golden Seafood Restaurant
Out of the three seafood restaurants we visited, Golden Seafood Restaurant which is located on the way to the airport is probably the best in terms of service. Price-wise, it is in the mid-range category but the food was fantastic. The service was great as the waitresses kept changing our plates and there were like three waitresses waiting on our table at any one time! Strangely, there wasn't any crowds on that night (Sunday night 3 January 2010) as there were less than five tables during the time we were there from 9.00pm till 10.00pm (or maybe the customers have left before 9.00pm). Must be "feng shui"!

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