Saturday, 27 February 2010

Wu Chun, Brunei's Very Own Superstar!

Wu Chun is Brunei's very own superstar, with a huge following in South-East Asia, Taiwan, Hong Kong & China. His first movie was "Butterfly Lovers" with Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) of "Twins" and most recently; "14 Blades" with Donnie Yen. He also acted in several Taiwanese dramas and is part of the Taiwanese band, "Fahrenheit".

Wu Chun's mansion @ Kg. Rimba.

Mr. Eyu of Eurosports Lotus, S'pore.

Hong of Maju Motors.

Spencer Lim (look at that smile!).

Last night, I had two Chinese New Year open houses to attend to; one was at Jalan Ban 3 (Alex Lo's open house @ 7.30pm) and the other one at Kg. Mata-Mata (Hong's open house @ 9.30pm) just behind my house. I attended both functions and I had my camera ready for both occasions but didn't take any pictures! We were watching a DVD in Hong's theatre room when I received a call from Hong to pick him up at Wu Chun's house! He was test driving Wu Chun's Lamborghini with the Technical Manager of Eurosports Lotus, Mr. Eyu. Of course, we grabbed the opportunity to take a few pictures with Wu Chun who happens to be home (Wu Chun came back to Brunei for Chinese New Year and will be leaving today) so we are lucky to "corner" him last night! LOL...

Friday, 26 February 2010

CNY Decor @ NBT

This is my first post since I got back from my Chinese New Year (CNY) holidays in Malaysia. The pictures are not from a tourist destination in China; it's the Chinese New Year decoration at NBT (B) Sdn Bhd (right at our own turf!). I was withdrawing some money from the ATM machine at HSBC, Gadong and was about to drive out when I noticed that I have not taken any pictures of the CNY decor at NBT and since there were lots of parking space (today is a public holiday), I reversed my car, parked at the Lexus showroom and took some pictures. Wonder if it would have been better if I had taken the shots at night?

Monday, 22 February 2010

Ayer Hitam @ Johor

Yesterday afternoon, as there was nothing much to do, we took a leisurely drive to Ayer Hitam (or Air Hitam) to scout for porcelain items to beautify the house and garden. Ayer Hitam is a rest town (transit town) one hour's drive north of Johor Bahru and slightly more than half an hour's drive from Batu Pahat. During my younger days, whenever I visit Ayer Hitam, I can see scores of tourist buses parked along its narrow road with tourists flocking to buy souvenirs and taking a break from their back-aching journeys. Ayer Hitam (which means black water; wonder how it got its name) is a mandatory stop for trips to Batu Pahat and Kluang if you are travelling from Johor Bahru and using the North-South Highway. The stores here sell a wide variety of high quality pottery, rattan products, souvenirs, dried foodstuff, vegetables, fruits and even toys! For me, an hour here is more than enough as all the stores and shops are located on a short stretch of road, ie. Jalan Johor.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

More Pics from Kuala Lumpur

The Pavilion KL

Sungei Wang, KL

Super Noodle House @ Sungei Wang

These are pictures from my KL trip which I would like to share here. The first five pictures were taken at the entrance of the Pavilion, a new shopping centre featuring branded goods. It is just across the road from Starhill Gallery (where Louis Vuitton is located). Many people were seen busy taking pictures of the bowl-shaped fountain which changes its colours every few seconds and the entrance of The Pavilion which was covered with red lanterns. The last three pictures were taken at Sungei Wang's Super Noodle House which is renowned for its Hong Kong cuisine. Sungei Wang is popular for its reasonable priced products (just the opposite of The Pavilion) and almost every vendor along the corridors sells (you guessed it?) mobile phones!

Saturday, 20 February 2010

AEON Tebrau City @ Johor Bahru

This morning, we went to Johor Bahru to attend to some property matters and on our way back, we stopped at Aeon Tebrau City, Aeon's second largest shopping mall in Malaysia after AEON Bukit Tinggi in Klang. Its anchor tenant is Jusco Supermarket (incidentally, Jusco's owner is AEON) and also houses many branded fashion franchises. There are also a cineplex, a karaoke outlet, food outlets, in fact everything you need is available here. It is very popular with Singaporeans as you can see many Singapore registered cars in its car park and unlike many shopping centres, its parking fees is only RM1.00 per entry and use of its toilets is free! However, I had an experience (on 2nd day of CNY) whereby I paid the RM1.00 fee at the counter thinking it would be ok to leave later (since it's RM1.00 per entry but they don't collect the money when you enter) and upon exiting, the inserted coupon couldn't open the barrier! Fortunately, there were no cars behind me so I reversed my car, found the payment booth, paid RM1.00 again and this time it worked so don't pay the parking fees until you are really prepared and ready to leave AEON Tebrau City!