Sunday, 30 May 2010

Brunei Darussalam's New Cabinet

The much anticipated cabinet reshuffle was finally announced by His Majesty yesterday afternoon. To see the full report, click on the "Brunei Times". It even had His Majesty's "titah" posted on youtube!

Friday, 28 May 2010

G4S & S3's Corporate Event - Premier Show of "Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time"

Which poster do you prefer? This one?

Or this one?
G4S Security Services S/B (G4S) and Sphere Secure Services S/B (S3) last night invited its corporate clients to a premier show of the movie "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" at the Empire Cinema. The management and staff were all dressed up in "Prince of Persia" theme (even Mr. Ambrose and Mr. Wan were all dressed up!). Before the show, the guests were treated to some snacks and refreshments but I'm not there for the refreshments as I was actually planning to watch this movie this coming Sunday (though it's good to watch the movie with a full stomach!). I like movies with a "mythological" theme and this one is also action-packed and the special effects were fantastic. And did you know that this movie is actually based on a video game by the same name? Thank you, G4S and S3 for the invite; I enjoyed the movie very much!

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Robin Hood 2010

Just watched "Robin Hood" at the Mall Cineplex with Richie (my colleague) and I was taken by surprise by a very different perspective of "Robin Hood" as portrayed in this movie. I was expecting a normal "Robin Hood" character "robbing the rich and helping the poor" kind of storyline and this film showed me a totally different side of "Robin Hood" which I was not aware of. This is a story of "Robin Hood" before he became an outlaw and "banished" into Sherwood Forest. Starring Russell Crowe as Robin Longstride (alias Robin Hood) and Cate Blanchett as Lady Marion Loxley, this film was shot entirely in England and Wales and the sceneries (especially of Nottingham, shot at Ashridge Estate) were breathtaking. I will not go into details of the movie (watch it yourself!) but I would say it's very entertaining if you have 2 hours and 20 minutes of your time to kill! 

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Lunch @ Charcoal BBQ & Grill

As the bowling tournament was still in progress, the Ex-Com Team decided to have lunch at Charcoal BBQ & Grill (located in LeGallery Suites Hotel, a short walking distance from Utama Bowling Centre) while waiting for the other teams to finish their games. This restaurant is very cosy and the food is okay, food portions are reasonable, the presentation was nice and the service was good. However, I think the kitchen staff should have cleaned up the spilled BBQ sauce from the sauce bowls before presenting the dishes to the customers! Barring this small issue, it was still a fantastic lunch. Thank you, Mr. President for the treat!

BAH's 3rd Bowling Tournament

The Ex-Com Team.
The Radisson Team.
Highest Score (men).
Highest Score (Ladies).
Champions - Empire Team A.
1st runner-up - Hyatt Team.
2nd runner-up - Empire Team B.
Brunei Association of Hotels' (BAH) Sports & Social Club, headed by "Jack" organized BAH's 3rd Bowling Tournament at the Utama Bowling Centre yesterday morning. Forteen teams took part in the tournament and Empire Team A emerged as the champions. Hyatt Team was the 1st runner-up and Empire Team B the 2nd runner-up. BAH's Ex-Com team came in 10th place, a marked improvement from last year's tournament where they came in 2nd last! Well done to "Jack" and his team for successfully organizing this annual event.

Friday, 14 May 2010

My Grand Nephew!

My younger sister, Angie, the proud grandma!
Tristan Isaac Gabriel Gibbs.
Isaac, Adeline (my niece) & Tristan.
On 11th May 2010, I became a grand uncle for the fifth time! My niece, Adeline gave birth to a baby boy weighing 7 lbs 12 ozs at 4pm in UK. My grand nephew's name is Tristan Isaac Gabriel Gibbs (what a long name).  I have four other grand nephews and nieces from my elder sister's two children. Tristan is my first grand nephew from my younger sister's daughter (Adeline). My younger sister migrated to UK 18 years ago with her husband and during these 18 years, I've met her only twice when she came back to Malaysia and I will fly back specifically for the re-union! Congratulations, Angie on your promotion to being a grandma! 

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Promenade Hotel @ Kota Kinabalu

I used to stay at the Promenade Hotel a few years back when my friends were still working there and also patronized the Neptune seafood restaurant located beside the hotel (not anymore as it is getting more expensive to dine there!). I haven't been to the hotel for a long time and yesterday when I visited the place, I noticed it has been re-furbished. I must admit that the lobby and the F&B outlets look new and very cosy as well. Besides Promenade Hotel, there are two other properties which are under the Promenade umbrella and that is the Marina Court Apartments (if you're facing the hotel, it's on the left of Promenade Hotel) and Promenade Hotel Apartments (located behind the Promenade Hotel). Room rates start from RM175++ which is considered quite reasonable for a "4 star international business class hotel". I didn't have a chance to see the rooms so I do not know if the rooms have been re-furbished as well; on hindsight I should have asked for a room inspection!