Wednesday, 20 October 2010

"Gold Bar" from Dewar's

I got this as a free gift from the duty free shop at Hong Kong International Airport when I bought a few bottles of Dewar's Whisky and at first glance it looks very much like a gold bar. Guess what it is before strolling down to the actual picture below!

It's a pen drive! Did you guess it correctly?

Sunday, 17 October 2010

PWM Installation Night

Persatuan Warganegara Malaysia held an Installation Night for new Exco members last night at the Ballroom of the D' Angerrek Hotel. The certificate presentation was conducted by the Guest of Honor, Dato Kamaruddin bin Haji Haron, Defence Advisor at the Malaysian High Commission. Certificates of Appreciation were given to outgoing Exco members and Certificates of Appointment were given to appointed Exco members and PWM Advisors. The guests were later entertained by a live band and a karaoke session. 

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Trip to China - Day 4

This is where we found all the renovation contractors.
Chia outside a local bank.
The streets of Shenzhen.
Shenzhen MRT Station
 MRT Train
Chia on the MRT train going to Lo Wu.
On day 4 of our trip (12th October 2010), we followed Ah Long (our friend and ex-colleague) to Shenzhen to carry on with our "mission" to look for suppliers of carpet and furniture. We even took the MRT train ride in Shenzhen which was very cheap! Our 4 stops costs RMB3.00 (B$0.60) per person! The MRT called Shenzhen Metro (深圳地铁) only operates in Shenzhen with two lines (red and green line) and serves 22 stations. China's economic development and progress are phenomenal! As today is our last day in China, we retired early to prepare for our departure to Hong Kong International Airport the next morning to take the RBA flight back to Brunei. We'll be back!

Monday, 11 October 2010

Trip to China - Day 3

Inside the elevator which also serves as the "main entrance".
 Tina (our guide) and Chia.
This lamb stew is fantastic!
 There are 25 VIP rooms in "The Deluxe Restaurant".
 The main dining area of "The Deluxe Restaurant".
At NanTian International Hotel Facility Trading Centre.
Another furniture complex in Shenzhen.
This morning, Chia and I went to Guangzhou to meet up with our friend, Tina, who was to be our guide in Guangzhou. We met her at the Guanhzhou East Train Station and went about our business of sourcing for materials at several well known furniture complexes in Guangzhou. Had lunch at a restaurant called "The Deluxe Restaurant" which was on the second floor of a building and the inside of the elevator is decorated to look like the "main entrance" to the restaurant (as the restaurant does not have a frontage being on the second floor). At the Guangzhou Train Station (on our way back to Dongguan), we noticed this fast food restaurant called the "Kung Fu" restaurant and as a great fan of Bruce Lee (and so is every martial arts fans on Planet Earth!), I snapped a few pictures for remembrance. The legend lives on!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Trip to China - Day 2

On the platform of Dongguan Station.
 Chia (interior designer) speaking to a supplier.
Inside Shenzhen Train Station.
 Chia, Ah Long & SL waiting for train back to Dongguan.
This morning we back tracked to Shenzhen where our friend (cum guide), Ah Long has arranged a meeting with a furniture supplier. The journey by high speed train (中国高速铁路) took 30 minutes and the ride was smooth and comfortable. The cabins are very clean as well. I'm very impressed with the efficiency of this train service. The train ride from Dongguan to Shenzhen costs RMB45.00 (B$9.00) per person. After our meeting we had lunch at a steamboat restaurant called "Little Sheep" which as the name suggested served steamboat with lamb flavored and spicy broth. They even sell the stock for the preparation of the lamb flavored broth where customers can purchase and prepare their own steamboat at home. 

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Trip to China - Day 1

SL, Ah Long & AhNgau.
 Chia, Ah Long & Ah Ngau.
We arrived in Hong Kong this afternoon and will be visiting Shenzhen and Guangzhou with two friends (one of them is an Interior Designer). We were actually looking for materials for our upcoming refurbishment of our hotel and also looked up an old friend (our guide Ah Long) who is staying in Shenzhen. At Hong Kong International Airport we were picked up by the driver of a limousine service (arranged by our guide) and whisked off to Shenzhen via Lok Ma Chau Control Post. We stayed at a hotel in Dongguan which costs RMB298 (B$60.00) on the first night (more expensive on Saturdays) and RMB238.00 (B$48.00) on subsequent nights. This rate comes with breakfast as well! Hotels in Dongguan are generally cheaper than in Shenzhen or Guangzhou.