Sunday, 31 January 2010

Eric Lim & Suki's Wedding Dinner @ Manggis Mall

Another artiste from Malaysia.

The lamb shank, yummy!

Brocolli with abalone, sea cucumber & mushroom.

Malaysian artiste, Jacqueline Teo.

CD of Jacqueline Teo.
This time it's on Frankie Lim's invitation that we attended his son's (Eric Lim) wedding dinner held at the Manggis Mall last night. The catering was done by Royal Brunei Catering (RBC) and the dishes were fantastic except for the Shark Fin Soup which I did not consume and I noticed that my friend, Alex Lo didn't touch his either (at last I have found a fellow crusader against "shark finning"). The evening's programmes were entertaining with three Malaysian artistes performing for the guests. I was given a CD (Hokkien numbers) of Jacqueline Teo (one of the artistes) but unfortunately, it wasn't autographed!

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