Sunday, 24 March 2013

Muhibah Run 2013

 Deputy High Commissioner, Cik Haznah & PWM President, Mr Lee
 Some of the early birds!
 Raja & family signing in
Thermomix = healthy food!
 Seri Sentosa's Harley Davidson display
 PWM Exco, Mooney Arthur
Instructors from Zumba Fitness Centre
This morning, PWM with the support of the Malaysian High Commission organized a Muhibah Run 2013 at the Malaysian High Commission's car park. More than 100 participants turned up for the run which were categorized into the "VIP run" which was about 2 km and the "Jungle Trail" run which was about 5 km. I took part in the "Jungle Trail" run (my first run for 2013) which was a totally different ball game from the road runs which I used to participate. The two steep slopes and rough terrain which I encountered was enough to make my soles and calves very sore! A big thank you to the sponsors, Seri Sentosa, Am Capital, Kingston Beverages (Revive), Nestle (Milo), Superwater (Rainfresh mineral water) and Zumba Fitness Studio for the warming up session. Congrats to the Organizing Chairwoman, Ellin for a job well done!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Sayonara, Your Excellency!

 L-R: Chris, Jimmy & Alfred
 L-R: Johnny, Dato' and Tiong
Right after attending His Excellency, Dato' Abdullah Sani Omar's farewell dinner at Rumah Malaysia last Sunday (hosted by His Excellency himself), PWM organized its own farewell dinner for His Excellency at Sri Lembayung Family Karaoke last night. About 30 Excos and Advisors attended this function to bid farewell to His Excellency and Datin who will be leaving Brunei Darussalam on 24th March 2013, the day we will be having a Muhibah Run 2013. Hopefully, His Excellency can join us for this event. Fingers crossed!

Monday, 18 March 2013

Farewell Dinner @ Rumah Malaysia

 L-R: His Excellency, PWM President James & SL
 L-R: Dato' Ali, Ken & PWM President, James
 L-R: Simon Gelan, DP Tiong & Dato' Ali
 L-R: SL, Chris, Nicholas, Chee & Jimmy
 Nicholas & DP Tiong
 Jenny & Mary
Last night, His Excellency Dato' Abdullah Sani Omar, the Malaysian High Commissioner to Brunei Darussalam  and Datin Adeda Rahimah Ahmad hosted a farewell dinner at Rumah Malaysia, their official residence at Jalan Kebangsaan. They have been in Brunei for slightly more than two years and we have a fantastic relationship with Malaysian High Commission under His Excellency's stewardship. On behalf of PWM, we wish Dato' and Datin all the best in their future undertakings and hopefully we shall meet again!