Wednesday, 13 January 2010

May Fang Restaurant @ Tengku Link

I'm a regular customer of May Fang Restaurant but somehow on all those occasions when I was there, I didn't bring my camera so I could not blog about it. Yesterday, when my colleague suggested lunch at May Fang Restaurant, I made it a point that I will bring my camera this time around. Even though it is tucked away in a remote corner, May Fang Restaurant is still very popular and has its own regular clients. It even has wi-fi internet access but I've never seen anyone using laptops in this restaurant but I do occasionally used my mobile phone to surf! The other plus point of this restaurant is its reasonable pricing. However, the car park and road leading to this restaurant is in need of repairs but then again they are not the developer so I don't think it's their fault anyway!

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  1. HELLO i m from Limbang! can u tell me the actual location of this restaurant???