Thursday, 5 December 2013

Nicholas' Farewell & Christmas Gathering

 A momento for Nicholas
 One for the album
Last night Persatuan Warganegara Malaysia (PWM) organized a farewell party for Nicholas Chung, (our Honorary Treasurer for the past two years) who will be leaving Brunei for good as he has taken up a new appointment in Singapore. As Christmas is just around the corner, Azlan Ahmad proposed an exchange of gifts among the twenty one participating Exco members. As usual, our ever resourceful President, Mr. James Lee, found this chic and cosy place at Bunut to host this farewell party. The house was beautifully adorned with Christmas decorations from the living room to the dining area setting everyone of us in celebration mood! The atmosphere and ambience were further enhanced by the soft lighting, not to mention the good food and drinks (BYO)! There's also ample parking both inside the house compound and outside the house. I would definitely support PWM's future events here! Good luck, Nicholas and we shall meet again, probably in Singapore...