Tuesday, 24 March 2015

A Little Gift for the Less Fortunate

Unpacking at the store
Pumping air into the tires
 Loading up
 Arrived at Pusat Ehsan @ 9.30am
Unloading at Pusat Ehsan
 Dato Alimin Wahab receiving the wheelchairs on behalf of Pusat Ehsan
Updated: 25-3-2015
We have been planning this for awhile but did not manage to hand over the 15 wheelchairs as I was away during Chinese New Year and other parties involved were away at one point or another. Finally, an appointment was made to deliver the wheelchairs to Pusat Ehsan Al-Ameerah Al Hajjah Maryam at 10.00am this morning. We reached the store at 9.00am where volunteers from Orientex Concrete Sdn Bhd (who also provided the transportation) were already unpacking, pumping air into the tires of the wheelchairs and loading them onto two 4x4 pick-ups to be delivered to the centre. A simple hand-over ceremony was conducted at 10.00 am for the media and we were good to go. Mission accomplished! 

Friday, 13 March 2015

Farewell Party for Marissa & Siti

For remembrance (with Marissa)
 For remembrance (with Siti)
 Game time!
Tokens of appreciation for Marissa & Siti
Presentation of "angpows"
During our fifteen and a half years in business, we had witnessed one retirement; Sudan (Housekeeping staff) who retired in December 2012 after 13 years with us. Later this month, two other long serving colleagues will be resigning (not retiring); Marissa (Front Office Supervisor) who has been with us for 15 years and Siti (Housekeeping staff) who has been with us for 8 years. Last night, in recognition of their services and contributions, a farewell party was hosted in our Coffee Lounge for the both of them. Several fun games were organized for the rest of our colleagues and tokens of appreciations were given to Marissa & Siti. As this is a farewell party, no doubt lot's of picture takings were going on among our colleagues with the two guests of honour! Lastly, we would like to wish both of them happiness, good health and prosperity! 

Sunday, 8 March 2015

PWM Lunar New Year Gala Dinner 2015

 Welcoming the Guest of Honour
Colleagues from Traders Inn with "Chai Sen Yeh"
Speech by OC, Mr. Raymond Ting
 Speech by Guest of Honour
 Student awards in progress
 Speech by student representative
 Lucky draw in progress
 Brunei singer, Wu Pei Pei
Organizing Committee
After months of preparation, Persatuan Warganegara Malaysia's (PWM) Chinese New Year (CNY) Committee headed by Organizing Chairman, Mr. Raymond Ting, successfully hosted the PWM Lunar New Year Gala Dinner 2015 on 7th March 2015 at the Hua Ho Manggis Mall. More than 500 supporters of PWM and 280 students attended this event. The highlight of this annual event is the presentation of Academic Excellence Awards to deserving Malaysian students in Brunei Darussalam and this year we have 280 students (from Year 1 to Year 13) who were eligible for the awards. Other programmes included cultural dance performances from students of Chung Hwa Middle School and songs by renowned local singer, Wu Pei Pei. As for the lucky draw, 3 grand prizes and 42 "angpows" with cash ranging from $50 to $188 were given away to the lucky winners. To all our supporters; "Gong Xi Fa Cai" and we hope you've enjoyed the event as much as we have and see you again next year!