Thursday, 17 November 2011

PWM Deepavali Night 2011

 Organizing Chairman, Raja Segaran
L-R: Selvi, HE the Indian High Commissioner (& mrs) & Mr. Agus Salim
 Mr. Agus Salim (GOH), Simon Gelan & James Lee
 Friends from Table 36. L-R: Tiger Ho, Stuart Lee & Mrs, Chris Chee
Mr/Mrs Tiong & Mr/Mrs Tiger Ho
Mr/Mrs Jimmy Chung
Ellin Chong in her Indian costume
Last night, I attended PWM's Deepavali Night which was being held at the Bridex Hall, Jerudong Park. This is the first time I attended a Deepavali (Festival of Lights) celebration since I joined the committee of PWM slightly more than a year ago and it is also the first time I attended a function at the Bridex Hall! About 500 guests from different races attended this function reflecting our 1Malaysia identity! Throughout the night, there were singing, cultural dances, games and a lucky draw (I didn't witness the lucky draw as I left early at around 9.20pm). Anyway, congratulations to Mr. Raja Segaran (organizing chairman) and his team for a job well done and Happy Deepavali!