Saturday, 27 February 2010

Wu Chun, Brunei's Very Own Superstar!

Wu Chun is Brunei's very own superstar, with a huge following in South-East Asia, Taiwan, Hong Kong & China. His first movie was "Butterfly Lovers" with Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) of "Twins" and most recently; "14 Blades" with Donnie Yen. He also acted in several Taiwanese dramas and is part of the Taiwanese band, "Fahrenheit".

Wu Chun's mansion @ Kg. Rimba.

Mr. Eyu of Eurosports Lotus, S'pore.

Hong of Maju Motors.

Spencer Lim (look at that smile!).

Last night, I had two Chinese New Year open houses to attend to; one was at Jalan Ban 3 (Alex Lo's open house @ 7.30pm) and the other one at Kg. Mata-Mata (Hong's open house @ 9.30pm) just behind my house. I attended both functions and I had my camera ready for both occasions but didn't take any pictures! We were watching a DVD in Hong's theatre room when I received a call from Hong to pick him up at Wu Chun's house! He was test driving Wu Chun's Lamborghini with the Technical Manager of Eurosports Lotus, Mr. Eyu. Of course, we grabbed the opportunity to take a few pictures with Wu Chun who happens to be home (Wu Chun came back to Brunei for Chinese New Year and will be leaving today) so we are lucky to "corner" him last night! LOL...


  1. You guys are so lucky! I'm so jealous! Wish I was in Brunei during CNY!

  2. Hahaha ^_^ same here... Wu Chun sooooooo much... so sad I can't access his blogs anymore. I am always inspired by the words and heart he is conveying in his blog. Thanks for posting his pics