Wednesday, 8 September 2010

My Last Night in Australia

Mercure Brisbane
Treasury Casino
Queen Street Mall
On my last night in Australia, I stayed at the Mercure Brisbane which is just one block away from the Treasury Casino, how convenient! Had dinner at Jimmy's on the Mall which is located on Queen Street Mall and memories started to flood back; I was here many years ago attending a tourism fair and I used to walk through Queen Street Mall everyday after the fair to get to the Treasury Casino! Buying "Power Lotto" here is also a favourite pastime; I was hoping to strike it rich, no thanks to Mr. Foo of Century Travel! LOL! Brisbane is a far more vibrant city than the Gold Coast (it used to be the other way round). While it is very relaxing to drive around in the Gold Coast, Brisbane's traffic is a nightmare! The streets are all one way streets and it's quite a hassle especially when I'm not familiar with the roads! Hotels here are generally more expensive than in the south and there's a 1.5% surcharge on all credit card payments (it's seems to be a normal practice here in Australia). 

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