Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Tarindak Restaurant @ JPPC

Had dinner at Jerudong Park Polo Club (JPPC) last night with some friends and noticed some changes to the establishment; it's now called "Tarindak Restaurant" which also has an outlet at the Arts & Handicraft Centre, overlooking the Brunei River (both restaurants have the same name). Guess I haven't been to JPPC for quite a while (I was a member of JPPC many years ago)! The "Asprey" cutleries were replaced with normal stainless steel ones (except for the teaspoons) and the lighting in the restaurant is way too bright (lights should have been dimmed a little) which spoils the atmosphere and ambience of the restaurant. For such a grand place, the menu needs some attention as it is not impressive and dull looking! On the plus side, the presentation of the dishes we ordered was very good and the food was fantastic. My compliments to the chef!

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