Thursday, 17 December 2009

Ouch! My Tooth!

My front tooth has been giving me some problems and there's is a numb feeling whenever I chewed on food so last Tuesday I decided to extract it when I traveled to Miri for some other unrelated matters. The extraction was done by my dentist friend, Dr. Ho of Ho's Dental Surgery, who used to travel to Brunei and stay at our hotel and at first he was quite hesitant to extract it but fortunately he did as the tooth was in pretty bad shape and wouldn't have last very long. It is definitely much cheaper to have your dental problems sorted out in Miri than in Brunei. The total cost of extraction and a temporary denture cost me RM120 whereas a denture alone (without the extraction) would cost me B$120 in Brunei! When I posted the picture of my tooth on Facebook, I never expected so many comments (see last pic)! Anyway, my next appointment with the dentist is in two weeks' time; to prepare the gum imprints for my crowns and bridge but that is another story......

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