Friday, 25 December 2009

Empire Hotel & Country Club, The Pride of Brunei!

Opened in 2000 in time for APEC, The Empire Hotel and Country Club has since played host to numerous heads of states, celebrities, VVIPs, delegates and participants from many international and regional events which were held in Brunei. Boasting more than 500 rooms, cinemas, exhibition/conference rooms, various signature restaurants, golf course, sports facilities, swimming pools, concept stores, etc; in fact everything you need is here and you need not even leave the hotel at all! It has also won numerous awards including Best Resort Hotel (by TTG) for 2004 and 2005. For travellers to Brunei (even if you're not staying at the Empire), a visit to this grand hotel is a must or you cannot truly claimed that you have visited Brunei! The Empire Hotel & Country Club in Brunei is undeniably one of the best hotels in the world and is certainly the pride of this small nation!

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