Saturday, 5 December 2009

Bleed for a Good Cause!

This morning, I attended a blood donation campaign organized by the Rotary Club of Brunei which was held at the Lexus showroom in Gadong. I must admit that I have not been donating blood for quite awhile; the last time I donated was in September 2008 and this is my 11th time. The guys at the Rotary Club and Lexus were very friendly and promised to sms me whenever they have such activities in future. The doctor who examined me said my blood pressure was too high and after a brief rest and a cup of tea, I was examined again and was given the green light to donate. I noticed there is a new form to be filled in this time (they said it is a new procedure) which consisted quite a few personal and intimate questions which I will not go into details! All donors were given a drinking bottle as a souvenir but with or without the souvenir, I will still support such meaningful activities!

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