Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Farewell to Cynthia, Alex & Jeffrey

Conrad, SL, Cynthia & Yen.

Members from Sports & Social Club.

Shamsul, Cynthia, Pg Dato Jaluddin & Desmond.

Jeffrey & Cynthia.

The evening's set-up.

Deputy President presenting a small gift to Cynthia.

Last night, the Brunei Association of Hotels held a farewell dinner for Cynthia Bong (President), Alex Riva (Ex-com Member) and Jeffrey Tan (Ex-com Member) at the Pantai Restaurant, Empire Hotel & Country Club. Cynthia has retired from her present job at Brunei Hotel (and shall be doing her own business) while Alex and Jeffrey are moving on to "greener pastures". About 18 members consisting of Ex-com Members and Sports & Social Club Members attended the function. I will be going on leave tomorrow and shall be back in Brunei on 25th February 2010 and hopefully I'll update this blog from time to time from Malaysia (keep my fingers crossed!).

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