Saturday, 6 February 2010

Beware! Scammers at Work!

This morning as soon as I switched on my mobile phone, I received an sms informing me that I've won a million pounds! The following text is the contents of the sms " >next paragraph< Your Ticket No: 501120 have won £1,000,000 GDP in the freelotto ATM MOBILE PROMO for claims email your TICKET NO. to". This sms was sent from a number in the UK (+447553906622) and upon checking the website mentioned, I couldn't understand what was the contents as it was in a foreign language. I clicked on the "Members Area" and a list of "past winners" was posted on this page. I even found a "Fraud Alert" on this website claiming that someone is sending e-mails using their name and advised the public not to send any money or personal information to anyone in the effort to collect the promised "winnings". Of course, if it sounds too good to be true, it is obviously not true! LOL.


  1. hi i recived a message in my fone 9974644

  2. and its about $1,000,000 gbp in the freelotto ATM MOBILE PROMOTION