Sunday, 14 February 2010

"MaCho" Temple @ Batu Pahat

It is customary for the Chinese to burn some incense on the first day of Chinese New Year in a temple to usher in good luck and good fortune. It is no different this year as I drove my family to "Macho" temple at about 11am this morning. "Macho" Temple is perhaps the oldest temple in Batu Pahat. The worshippers have to queue up to offer their prayers and the smoke inside the temple was quite irritating. A lady dressed up as "The God of Fortune" was loitering outside the temple (I've seen her for the past few years). There were also several vendors selling helium-filled balloons, lottery tickets and fake jade and religious ornaments. A row of beggars were sitting against the wall waiting for "ang pows" or red packets. Some are really handicapped while others are probably "opportunists" preying on the generosity of the public, especially on the the first day of Chinese New Year!

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