Monday, 21 March 2011

Plainvim International Boutique Hotel @ Foshan

The room number is projected down onto the floor by a light fixture.
The decorative box besides every door. 
This morning, we caught the flight to Hong Kong on another business trip to China. This trip has been delayed to today as I had to attend the PWM function last night. At HKIA, we took the limousine service to Shenzhen where we were transfered to a coach for rest of the trip to Foshan. This trip from HKIA to Foshan took almost 4 hours! We checked into Plainvim International Boutique Hotel, a clean and tastefully decorated hotel conveniently located in the heart of Foshan. This hotel has been in operation for less than a year after being converted from an office block. The exterior of the hotel doesn't do much justice to the hotel itself as I quite like what I saw inside (see photos of room). The small lobby and reception counter are located on the first floor on the far left of this building. At RMB318 (B$63), with breakfast, it is considered quite reasonable. Buffet breakfast (not very lavish) was served on the 24th floor where two rooms were converted into a small cafe as the restaurant is not ready yet!

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