Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Guangzhou at Night

Latin Grill House, Guangzhou.
After our visit to the zoo, we had dinner at Latin Grill House, a Brazilian Restaurant where the cooks served skewers of roasted  meat (beef, lamb and pork) personally at every table. Photography was not allowed at this restaurant (wonder why? I was stopped after taking one photo). The buffet dinner costs only RMB98 (B$20) per person and the customers were mostly Negros. This is probably the only place in Guangzhou where you can see so many Negros! Business was very good as we saw customers streaming in non-stop from our vantage point (as we were seated at the entrance of the restaurant). After dinner, we roamed the streets of Guangzhou, looking for things to buy (mostly window shopping), mingling with the crowd and taking photos of the night scenes of Guangzhou which was breathtaking. 

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