Tuesday, 22 March 2011

My Second Day in Foshan - Visit to a Furniture Factory

At the furniture factory in Gaomin District, Foshan.
The furniture showroom in Foshan.
 The spraying section (varnish).
 A craftman transferring an image from a film onto wood using only water!
The finished product.
This morning, our supplier came around 10.00am to bring us to the furniture showroom in Foshan and later to the factory located in Gaomin District, an hour's drive away. The factory is located far away as the land is cheaper and this factory is on 10 square km of land! The name of this factory is XiangYuan Hotel Furniture Manufacture Co Ltd and I'm very privileged to have an opportunity to witness first hand how this factory operated. Besides the office block, there are several hugh hanger-like structures which houses different aspects of furniture making; from wood processing, upholstery, joinery, varnishing in a special temperature controlled enclosure to packing of the finished products. This factory was also kept very tidy and clean. Very impressive!  

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