Friday, 18 March 2011

2nd Food Testing at Li Gong Restaurant

Meeting with the Empire Hotel's banquet staff.
Yesterday afternoon, we had a second food testing at Li Gong Restaurant. This time, the menu is for the "Classic" tables which is different from the "Platinum", "Gold" and "Silver" tables. 59 "Classic" tables, priced at B$550-00 were sold along with 5 "Platinum" tables @ B$3,000-00, 10 "Gold" tables @ B$2,000-00 and 30 "Silver" tables @ B$1,000-00. Of course, there's also one VVIP table, making the total number of tables to 100! As the function (PWM's Chinese New Year and Staff Academic Achievement Awards Night) is just three days away, this will also be our last meeting to finalize any outstanding issues. For those of you who have purchased tickets for this event, see you on Sunday (20th March 2011)!

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