Thursday, 26 January 2012

City Tour of Malacca

At Jonker Walk
The statue of Admiral Cheng Ho at one of the temples
On the 4th day of CNY, we went for a city tour which we have pre-booked a day earlier. The cost was RM60 per adult (free for Tristan) and the tour lasted three hours. Most of the places that we went to were nothing new to me as I've been to Malacca many times before. We were joined by an elderly couple from Taiwan who were staying at a different hotel. Our driver, Azmi and tour guide, Desmond were very professional and patient (with the traffic jam and hot weather) and Desmond sounded more like a history teacher than a tour guide as he is well versed in the history of Malacca. Places of interest included in the itinerary were several churches (St. Paul's, St. Francis Xavier's & Christ's), Jonker Walk (Jonker is a Dutch word for gentleman), A'Farmosa, Bukit Cina, Hang Li Poh's well, Dutch Settlement, Portuguese Settlement, and a Temple dedicated to Admiral Cheng Ho (cannot understand how or why as I believe Cheng Ho was a Muslim!).

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