Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Promenade Hotel @ Kota Kinabalu

I used to stay at the Promenade Hotel a few years back when my friends were still working there and also patronized the Neptune seafood restaurant located beside the hotel (not anymore as it is getting more expensive to dine there!). I haven't been to the hotel for a long time and yesterday when I visited the place, I noticed it has been re-furbished. I must admit that the lobby and the F&B outlets look new and very cosy as well. Besides Promenade Hotel, there are two other properties which are under the Promenade umbrella and that is the Marina Court Apartments (if you're facing the hotel, it's on the left of Promenade Hotel) and Promenade Hotel Apartments (located behind the Promenade Hotel). Room rates start from RM175++ which is considered quite reasonable for a "4 star international business class hotel". I didn't have a chance to see the rooms so I do not know if the rooms have been re-furbished as well; on hindsight I should have asked for a room inspection! 

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