Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Dell's Superb After-Sales Service!

The problem!

The motherboard.

The graphic card.

I have been using and recommending Dell laptops since 2005 with my first Inspiron 700M and along the way, I've purchased more than 14 units for myself, my kids and friends and the most recent purchases were two mini 10v's. Before switching to Dell, I've been using a Compaq laptop. Besides being very reliable, the other two reasons why I love Dell are their superb after-sales service and their international warranties for laptops. My Dell Inspiron 1420 (which I purchased in November 2007) failed me late last Saturday so I shot off an e-mail to Mr. Darius Lim of Dell Malaysia (I've dealt with Darius a couple of times) and received a reply from him on Monday that he will forward my complaint to the Inspiron team. The Inspiron team (a Mr. Chong) called me on Tuesday and a Dell technician was at my office on Wednesday morning (that's today) and the problem was solved in less than an hour. By the way, my Dell 1420 comes with a three years' warranty so the repair was free! They have to change the whole motherboard as the faulty graphic card was intergrated into the motherboard. Thanks, Paul (the technician) and the entire Dell team for their professionalism and prompt response to my predicament. Guys, I really appreciate it!

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