Friday, 26 March 2010

29th Anniversary of My Stay in Brunei!

The year of birth has been pixelated to hide my true age!
Immigration arrival stamp - 29 March 1981.
29th March 2010 will be a very significant date in my life as it marks the 29th Anniversary of my stay in Brunei! I arrived in Brunei on 29th March 1981 from Singapore after successfully applying for a job as a receptionist at Angs Hotel (now known as Terrace Hotel). I couldn't refrained myself from laughing after looking at that passport photo of mine which was taken thirty one years ago! The strange thing is that one of my colleagues actually couldn't recognize "yours truly" in this photo! The long hair (hippie culture was popular then) and the over-sized spectacles were really funny (back then it must have been trendy) but today I would never sport long hair or wear those glasses for a thousand bucks; a million bucks, maybe (for a day or two)! Must be a sign of old age.... LOL.

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