Thursday, 1 October 2009

Raya Open House @ Puppy's

Last night, a colleague invited us to his house for Hari Raya "open house". The other colleagues called him "Puppy" cos' he's tiny and cute like a puppy (with that clue, can you spot him in the above photos?) He stays at Kg. Menteri, a good 20 minutes' drive from our workplace. We all gathered at our workplace at 7.30pm and and started out at 8.00pm. Reached Puppy's place around 8.30pm (after calling for directions several times). Before we proceeded to have dinner (and BBQ), Puppy's father recited a prayer (doa selamat). Puppy's father is a very nice and hospitable person (it must be Bruneian hospitality) and may Allah bless Puppy's family with long life and prosperity.....

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