Monday, 5 October 2009

My First Platinum Cards!

My first Platinum cards! All these while I've been using this particular bank's gold cards and I usually chalked up quite a bit of expenses on my credit cards on travel, dining or accomodation. Based on my spending pattern (or maybe my good payment records), they've upgraded my gold cards to platinum cards; with the annual fees waived for 3 years! Credit cards are very useful in an emergency, especially when you are overseas but a bit of advice though, do not spend beyond your means and always pay in full every month as interest rates charged by card companies are as high as 24% per annum! I do know of individuals who pay by installments and end up servicing their "loans" for a long time and some would choose to default!. Always use cash whenever possible. (For security reasons, certain numbers in the above photo have been erased).

1 comment:

  1. Simon, you are really good in photoshop when it comes to modifying. I've totally agreed with you, we must monitor the card is to keep the receipt after each purchase and tally with the monthly card statement at month end. As sometimes the bank might make error like double did happen to me before and the bank only waived it off after few months as they need alot of explanation, phew that time really gone thru alot of hassle!
    Nowadays, Good things of using card is that we can enjoy great discount and redemption when we shop at certain outlet, airlines or department store. Especially in Singapore...the bank keep on promoting and its easier to get a card, their procedure is quite lax! Pardon me! I'm not encouraging ppl to apply credit card for those who doesn't have one. Using credit card is still based on individual spending and paying habit:)