Friday, 25 September 2009

Glutton Street, Lo Wu (罗湖)

Lo Wu is a border town between Hong Kong and mainland China. Getting there is quite a hassle especially on weekends as the Immigration Control Post is very crowded. I took a bus from Hong Kong Airport to Sheung Shui Station and then took a train to Lo Wu; at least that's one of the ways on how I got there. I've been to Shenzhen on numerous occasions and on one of these trips, a Chinese friend took us to "Glutton Street" which got its name because of the numerous restaurants, eateries and vendors located along this street. The prices are very reasonable and the seafood is very fresh. Lo Wu is also a haven for cheap fake "branded" products but don't buy too many as the Hong Kong Customs are known to confiscate these items if you purchased too many!

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