Saturday, 12 September 2009

Down Memory Lane

The date was somewhere between 15 to 27 Nov 1993; I couldn't remember the exact date. I attended a course in Tokyo and a "home visit" was organized to visit a postmaster's family at his home. His name is Yasuyo-san and his wife is Yojiro-san with their three kids. It was late when we arrived and a reporter and photographer were already waiting at Yasuyo-san's home. Out of 29 students that attended the course, 3 of us were chosen, a Filipino lady, a Thai lady (unfortunately, I've forgotten their names and have lost contact with them; e-mail was not so common in those days) to visit a typical Japanese home. We were treated to some snacks, played games with the family and even tried out some "kimonos" & "yukata". A belated "Thank You" to Yasuyo-san for sending me a copy of the magazine and wishing you & your family the best of health.

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