Saturday, 12 July 2014

Zhangjiajie 11 July 2014

Our lunch before the tour
 Hunan (or vegetarian?) cuisine
Inside the cable car
 James, my travelling companion
Right after arriving at Zhangjiajie, we went to a travel agency near the railway station to arrange for the afternoon's itinerary and also for the next day's tour. We were being led to a small lodging house to shower and freshen up before lunch at a small restaurant next to the lodging house. After lunch, we proceeded to Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. Our first stop was the Yellow Stone Stronghold (HuangShi Village) where we climbed the more than 3,800 steps to the peak which took us almost 3 hours! However, the view from the peak was breathtaking and amazing! One drawback is that there is no signs to indicate where we were and how far it is to the peak. Going downhill is much easier; we took the cable car! 

The first night we stayed on the mountain at the "White Dragon Inn" which was arranged by the tour guide. The aircon can only be switched on at 8.30pm and off at 5.00am (not enough power). They have a main switch at the reception to control this. Fortunately, there's wi-fi which they also switched off during the thunderstorm! Remember to bring your own soap, shampoo and towel; it's not provided! However, you can purchase these items at the reception counter. Breakfast is simple meal of porridge and noodles chargeable at RMB10 per person. 
The White Dragon Inn
Breakfast of porridge & noodles

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