Monday, 14 July 2014

Bluesky Coast Restaurant @ Zhuhai

 The bar
First course; Miso soup & kimchi
 Egg pudding
 Scallop; only one per person
 Pork Roll & Steak
Fried Rice
 Finally the ice cream. I didn't take a photo of the salad
This is how the ice cream was prepared
We (James, Jacky & myself) had dinner at this cosy restaurant called Bluesky Coast Restaurant in Zhuhai which faces the sea. At RMB168 plus 10% service charge per person, we had a set Japanese meal which comes in small portions reminiscent of a fine dining experience. The price includes a drink of your choice and I opted for a beer! Service here is fantastic and I even got to borrow a charger to charge my phone. Some of the tables are also equipped with computers for the customers to surf the internet. 

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