Monday, 24 September 2012

The Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding's invitation card
 PWM President, James Lee & Tina Lee
 L-R: SL, Lok, Benson & Paul
 Julia & friends
 Paul Foo & Azlan Ahmad
The celebrations (and ceremonies) of The Royal Wedding between HRH Princess Hafizah Bolkiah and Pg. Haji Muhammad Ruzaini Pg Dr. Haji Yakub commenced on 16th September 2012 and culminated with the Royal Banquet (Majlis Persantapan Diraja, the eight day of celebrations) held at Istana Nurul Iman last night. We departed for the Istana at 7.00pm (took the company's van with a driver) and reached the Istana at 7.20pm. At the entrance of the Istana, shuttle buses ferried the guests to the reception area where our "admission" cards were stamped; after which we were ushered into the dining hall (Zone G) to be seated. From then on, it's chit chatting among the eight of us at this particular table until the arrival of the Royal Couple and the rest of the Royal family. From where we were seated, we couldn't see what was going on, maybe a giant screen in our section of the hall would be helpful. Dinner was served at 8.50pm and the function ended at around 10.00pm. At that very moment, outside the Istana, fireworks lit up the sky as everyone were exiting the banquet hall. However, a heavy downpour prevented us from getting a closer look at the fireworks display and also delayed our departure. The rain stopped shortly afterwards and we hitched a ride in a friend's car which was parked at Istana Darul Hana (quite a distance away) back to Traders Inn where we left our cars earlier on. Lastly, let's not forget to wish the Royal Couple happiness forever!

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