Monday, 17 September 2012

Ozone Run 2012

Ministry of Development Building
My 12km Finishers' Medal
 Today's Borneo Bulletin
The ozone layer absorbs more than 97% of the sun's UV rays which is potentially harmful to life forms on Earth and all I know is that the ozone layer is gradually being depleted via our vehicles' exhaust fumes and release of CFCs from our air-conditioning units. Of course there are other factors which I'm not technically or scientifically inclined to understand! To mark the 25th anniversary of World Ozone Day, the Department of Environment, Parks & Recreation (JASTRE) under the Ministry of Development, organized Brunei's first Ozone Run 2012 on 16 September 2012 to create awareness to the plight to prevent the ozone layer from further thinning. I registered for the 12km run (the other two categories were the 3km and 6km) which flagged off at 6.30am and I finished the run at 7.56am (time taken from my phone as no timing chips were given). After that, I queued for the finishers' medal and certificate and finally got my medal but no certificate (missing) at 9.00am, more than an hour's wait! I left right after that as I've to get some rest (woke up at 4.30am) before my next appointment (movie) at 12.20pm.