Saturday, 1 September 2012

Pusat Ehsan Charity Bazaar 2012

 Arsai, Dato Jack & Hj. Hamid
 JIS volunteers
Arsai getting a cold latte from Coffee Bean
 Cold drinks, anyone?
A smiling volunteer; well done!
 Engraving on a piece of "jade" costs B$10.00 each
This year's Pusat Ehsan Charity Bazaar 2012 took place at the Jubilee Park near Kiulap. It was opened for three days, starting on 31 August 2012 till 2 September 2012. On the first two days, opening times were from 8.00am to 10.00pm while on the final day, it will close at 5.00pm. As I have purchased some coupons, we (Arsai and I) went on the second day at around 11.00am. The good thing is that there were not many people around as it was still a working day being a Saturday morning but the negative side of it is that the weather was very warm and I was soaked in perspiration in no time. But then again, we were there to show our support for a good cause so no complaints!

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