Sunday, 8 July 2012

The Run

Finished the 12km run in 01.25.44 (nett time).
I had to type in my name onto the certificate myself.
 Photo taken before dawn with James. 
 Waiting for the prize presentation after the run.
Simply dubbed "The Run", Pusat Ehsan's first charity run was a huge success considering the logistics and the coordination of all parties involved in organizing this event. As this is also the first time they organized such an event, I must congratulate the organizing committee for a job well done! This is by no means an easy task and they can only get better next year (I can't wait for the next run already!). There were some minor hiccups; I didn't get the T-shirt size I indicated and there was a typo error (the word "waterfront" was misspelt) on the finishers' medals but as I said, these are just  minor issues. The weather was kind to us as we did not feel the heat during and after the run. I left the Waterfront at 9.30am after witnessing the prize presentation to winners of all the various categories. I had to get home, shower and sleep it off as my calves are aching and there's a blister on one of my toes not to mention that I woke up at 4.00am this morning!

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