Thursday, 5 July 2012

David & Annie's Wedding

 Our hosts, Mr. & Mrs. Han.
L-R: Koh, Han, Chia & Cheok.
L-R: Hoi, Long, Koh & Cheok.
L-R: Mary, SL, Long (old friend from China) & James.
The groom's father is our buddy and best friend and so when his eldest son is getting married in Miri, we must all attend! The function was being held at the Boulevard Ballroom with more than 500 guests from Miri, Brunei, Singapore, China and Taiwan converging into the city of Miri on 4th July 2012, not to celebrate America's Independence Day but to witness the union of David Han and Annie Lau. The bridesmaids were all dressed up as air hostesses and the best men were dressed in pilots' uniform. We were taken on a journey on Flight 1314 (一生一世 meaning "forever") by the Master of Ceremony who happens to be a very good singer as well. We also met up with an old buddy from China (Long Ke) who had travelled all the way from Shenzhen just for this function. Anyway, congratulations to the new couple and the new father-in-law, Mr. Han! Click here for more photos.

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