Sunday, 1 July 2012

PWM 14th Annual General Meeting

 Arrival of the GOH.
 A momento for the outgoing President, Mr. Simon Gelan for his 10 years of service to PWM!
 New President for 2012-2014, Mr. James Lee, giving his inaugural speech.
 Our ex-Deputy President, Mr. Jackson Ting (centre) showing his support.
 Azlan & Raja.
 Yours truly is still holding this position for 2012-2014.
This afternoon at 2.00pm, Persatuan Warganegara Malaysia held its 14th Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Boon Pang Hall, Chung Hwa Middle School in the Brunei capital. Originally scheduled at 10.00am, this AGM was postponed to 2.00pm as it coincides with a VVIP wedding which our GOH and past President were attending.  About 100 members turned up to support this AGM. The executive committee for 2010-2012 was dissolved and new office bearers for 2012-2014 were nominated. The guest of honour was the Malaysian High Commissioner, Dato' Abdullah Sani Omar who is also the Patron of PWM. Yours truly is still holding the V.P. Membership portfolio for another two years so I don't have to change my name tag for now! For more photos, click here.

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