Thursday, 17 May 2012

Shenzhen 15 - 17 May 2012

James & Ah Long
 Sekou Ferry Terminal where we took the ferry to Zhuhai
 Across the border from Zhuhai into Macau!
I needed a break and when my friend, James, suggested that we go for a short holiday (to China), I couldn't wait! Actually, James had some business in Shenzhen and I was just tagging along. There, we met up with an old friend, Ah Long, who accompanied us for the two days we were there. Going out with James was fun as he knows Hong Kong and China very well as he travels frequently to these two countries. On 17th May, we took the subway to Sekou Ferry Terminal to catch the ferry to Zhuhai. We did some window shopping in Zhuhai (there is a huge underground shopping mall at Gongbei Port) before walking across the border to Macau. For more photos, click here.

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