Saturday, 4 June 2011

Rotary Club Blood Donation Campaign

This morning from 10.00am to 1.30pm, Rotary Club of Brunei Darussalam organized a blood donation campaign at the Lexus Showroom in Gadong. As I have not donated blood for more than a year (the last time was on 5 December 2009, also at Lexus Showroom and by Rotary Club as well), I decided to do my part for charity. This is my twelve time (officially stamped on the blood donation booklet though I've also donated a couple of times without stamping the booklet) and for the first time, I felt dizzy after donating blood! Must be a sign of old age! The doctor, attendants and my friends at Rotary Club were very helpful in making sure I'm comfortable and insisted that I rest for awhile before leaving but to be safe, I called two of my colleagues to come by to drive my car home and sent me home to rest. However this incident will not deter me from donating blood in the future and I will be back!

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