Friday, 17 June 2011

FengDongShi (风动石) @ DongShan County

View from the entrance of  "FengDongShi"
 Entrance to "FengDongShi"
Ancient houses lined the path leading to "FengDongShi"
Guan Yu (God of War) Temple
Intricate carvings and figurines adorned the roof of Guan Yu Temple
The rock that Heaven splits into two!
 The tablet that explains the incident of the "split rock"
One of the main tourist attractions in DongShan, a county in Fujian Province is the "FengDongShi"  (风动石) which is a 200 tons rock perched on the edge of another rock surface and will not toppled even if it's being pushed as claimed by local residents (I dare not try it as I feared it might topple over as it looked very precarious!). Ancient houses built with rocks lined the pathway to the entrance of "FengDongshi" and further away, the Temple of Guan Yu (God of War) stands magnificently overlooking the Straits of Taiwan. Entrance fees to this "tourist" attraction is RMB60 (B$12) per person and applies to tourists only. Local residents can visit anytime without charge and apparently they are recognizable by the "hokkien" dialect spoken widely in DongShan but with a unique slang! 

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