Friday, 26 November 2010

First Night @ Dongguan

 Room at Shang Yuan Hotel, Dongguan
 A notice on the shower enclosure
The long queue at HKIA
We arrived in Hong Kong today at 2.30pm but the queue at HKIA was so long that it took us almost 45 minutes to clear immigration. As usual our friend from Shenzhen, Ah Long, has arranged a limousine to pick us up at HKIA for the trip to Dongguan. We stayed at "Shang Yuan" Hotel which costs us RMB190.00 (B$38.00) per night. That evening, Ah Long took us for dinner at Manchester United  (曼联) Restaurant (walking distance from the hotel) which is actually a franchise restaurant serving Hong Kong dishes. On the way to the restaurant, we passed a dentist and I had a "bridge" ordered in 10 minutes (including taking a dental cast) and the bridge would be ready in two days' time! It only costs me RMB 1,280.00 (B$256.00) for 4 teeth. In Brunei, it would have costs me B$2,200.00 and at least two weeks for it to be ready!

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