Sunday, 28 November 2010

Ceramic Road @ Foshan

 This is a public toilet!
Koh, possessed by Tony Jaa's spirit!
 An old kiln
 Entrance to the kiln
After visiting HongYu Ceramics, our host drove us to an older part of town where a model of an old kiln was displayed to the public. This is probably a reminder of the ceramic trade that has flourished through the years from its origin (from a humble kiln using wood and logs) to its present day glory. Though I've not visited a modern ceramics' factory, I'm sure it must be very high-tech and gigantic, knowing China's capabilities! Porcelain shops abound on this stretch of road selling figurines, mostly of ancient dieties and popular characters from Chinese folklore. I was actually hoping I could find Bruce Lee's figurine here but sadly none exists!

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