Sunday, 28 November 2010

Cui Yuan Restaurant @ Foshan

A tile supplier (Ms. Zhang) drove all the way from Foshan to Dongguan, a good two and a half hours' drive, to meet us and at first we were hesitant to follow her to Foshan as we thought it would be a waste of time but due to her sincerity, we decided to follow her and we were glad we did! Upon reaching Foshan, we had lunch at "Cui Yuan" Restaurant which serves Cantonese cuisine and other exotic dishes such as rabbit meat, crocodile soup, pigeons, etc. We spent RMB271.00 (B$54.00) at "Cui Yuan" Restaurant which is quite cheap as we had a few bottles of  "Tsingtao" beer as well. After lunch, we visited one of the biggest ceramics (tiles) showroom (HongYu Ceramics) in Foshan and also visited an older part of Foshan (Ceramic Road). As we did not want to inconvenience our host further, we took the subway train to Guangzhou and the high speed train from Guangzhou to Dongguan that same evening. What a trip; we will definitely stay overnight on our next visit! 

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