Monday, 11 October 2010

Trip to China - Day 3

Inside the elevator which also serves as the "main entrance".
 Tina (our guide) and Chia.
This lamb stew is fantastic!
 There are 25 VIP rooms in "The Deluxe Restaurant".
 The main dining area of "The Deluxe Restaurant".
At NanTian International Hotel Facility Trading Centre.
Another furniture complex in Shenzhen.
This morning, Chia and I went to Guangzhou to meet up with our friend, Tina, who was to be our guide in Guangzhou. We met her at the Guanhzhou East Train Station and went about our business of sourcing for materials at several well known furniture complexes in Guangzhou. Had lunch at a restaurant called "The Deluxe Restaurant" which was on the second floor of a building and the inside of the elevator is decorated to look like the "main entrance" to the restaurant (as the restaurant does not have a frontage being on the second floor). At the Guangzhou Train Station (on our way back to Dongguan), we noticed this fast food restaurant called the "Kung Fu" restaurant and as a great fan of Bruce Lee (and so is every martial arts fans on Planet Earth!), I snapped a few pictures for remembrance. The legend lives on!

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