Saturday, 9 October 2010

Trip to China - Day 1

SL, Ah Long & AhNgau.
 Chia, Ah Long & Ah Ngau.
We arrived in Hong Kong this afternoon and will be visiting Shenzhen and Guangzhou with two friends (one of them is an Interior Designer). We were actually looking for materials for our upcoming refurbishment of our hotel and also looked up an old friend (our guide Ah Long) who is staying in Shenzhen. At Hong Kong International Airport we were picked up by the driver of a limousine service (arranged by our guide) and whisked off to Shenzhen via Lok Ma Chau Control Post. We stayed at a hotel in Dongguan which costs RMB298 (B$60.00) on the first night (more expensive on Saturdays) and RMB238.00 (B$48.00) on subsequent nights. This rate comes with breakfast as well! Hotels in Dongguan are generally cheaper than in Shenzhen or Guangzhou.

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