Saturday, 17 April 2010

AirAsia, Truly an Airline Other Airlines Envy!

Last Thursday (15th April), I took a flight from Miri to Johor Bahru on AirAsia and came back on Saturday (17th April). I'm actually quite impressed by all the new technologies that AirAsia has implemented (to be honest, I haven't flown on AirAsia for a long time!). The first thing was the web check-in that I did before travelling to Miri; this saves me time as I would not have to rush to the airport but must still be there one hour before flight time. The menu has improved with quite a lot of selections and on my way back, I used the only check-in kiosk available at Senai Airport (or is it Sultan Ismail International Airport?) and as not many people were using it, the process takes less than ten seconds! There were a lot of passengers queueing (with baggages) even before the counters were opened! The check-in kiosk is a definite plus and it would be great if more are installed as we will definitely see more people using it in the future. And who said AirAsia is always not on time? On both trips they were spot on and in fact we arrived 20 minutes early on the flight to Johor Bahru! Keep it up, AirAsia!

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