Saturday, 16 November 2013

Welcome Seafood Restaurant @ Penampang

Daniel & SL 
Leong Chen Luk
Alwee & Daniel
Upon arriving in Kota Kinabalu (KK) via BI 825 at almost 5.00pm, Luk & I went straight to the Promenade Hotel to check-in. At Promenade, we met up with Alwee, the owner of Brunei's Busiido MMA gym, who had arrived a day earlier. Daniel, my room guest (at Traders Inn) whom I met on the plane had volunteered to bring us to Welcome Seafood Restaurant in Penampang for dinner that night. This restaurant caters mainly to the locals and the place was very busy during the whole time we were there. The price tag for the four of us inclusive of beer came to only RM177-00 (B$70-00)! Fantastic deal and you can't get live seafood cheaper than that anywhere else in KK!

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