Sunday, 17 November 2013

Borneo Fighting Championship

SL & Leong Chen Luk
 At RM25, it's a bargain!
Brazilian BJJ fighter Leondro Luiz Da Silva KO his opponent in 21 seconds of the 1st round in the 60kg pro category!
L-R: Coach Eazy, Alwee, Dayat, SL, Luk & Nobel
 The following images were from BFC's Facebook profile featuring our man!
 Noticed our TI logo?
 The winner is....
The Borneo Fighting Championship (BFC) was held at Likas Sports Complex, Kota Kinabalu on 16th November 2013. Scheduled to start at 11.00am, the first match took place at around noon and ended around 3.00pm. More than 700 spectators attended this first mixed martial arts (MMA) tournament in Borneo and as a sponsor for a Brunei fighter from Busiido MMA, what better way to support our fighter, Mohd Norhidayat, than to witness the event live! Initially, there were supposed to be ten matches but two matches were cancelled as one fighter did not qualify at weigh-in and one fighter didn't show up! Mohd Norhidayat was pitted against Effendi Kalai, a national boxer from Sabah in the 60kg amateur category and scored an impressive win by submission (rear naked choke) after 21 seconds in the 2nd round. Congratulations! 

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  1. A combination of striking and grappling (eg BJJ plus Muay Thai) would be the ideal, in my opinion. Boxers usually have no idea how to fight when they fall onto the ground.

    Mr L